Flip between 2 brushing positions, not just 1 and people absolutely love our soft bristles!

A new 2 in 1 toothbrush!

The Flipbrush is a fun, new toothbrush! Guaranteed to outperform any toothbrush on the market, guaranteed!

Flip between 2 brushing positions, not just 1 and people absolutely love our soft bristles!

Why buy a Flipbrush® and make the change?

We've proved it works better!

We conducted a 30 days study at a dental school and each student tested reduced their overall plaque count by over 5 TIMES!

Its 2 in 1

With this brush you can use it like a normal brush, then flip the button and brush in an entirely different way and clean completely new areas lke never before.

Its like a flossing toothbrush

The new angles that a flipbrush induces actually feels like your flossing.  If a flipbrush doesn't drasticaly reduce or eliminate the need to floss we will give you your money back.

Its only 5 bucks!

For the low cost of a Flipbrush®, if even  half of the thing we say are true then its way worth the cost!  We believe its comparable to a dental cleaning after only a few uses.

Money back guarantee

If you don't like it for any reason at all, tell us within 30 days and we will send you a return label and issue and refund your money.

It's ergonomic

One of the reasons a Flipbrush® works so well is that it is ergonomic.  You can lower your shoulder and elbow and brush your teeth naturally up and down.  It make so much more sense and it shows!


How to use a Flipbrush

Learn how our toothbrush is different.  Flipping between the straight and flipped positions allows the user many advantages. Thoroughly cleaning the hardest to reach areas of your mouth, tongue brushing, and it creates an overall less boring and more creative toothbrushing routine, not to mention how ergonomic the flippped position is!

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Watch our videos

We have how to videos, instructional videos, even a video of the Flipbrush® on the news.  A few of our videos are pretty funny too!

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Please give us a try

We are a new product and have invested tons of hard work and percevience to get where we are today.  We truly love peple and want what is best for them and we 100% believe the Flipbrush® will benefit you over any toothbrsush manual or electric. There's much to see and learn about the Flipbrush® on this site. So,  please take a look around and learn more about this amazing new product that will change your current oral hygiene for the better, guaranteed or you will get an instant refund. We thank you again and please reach out to us for anything at all!  


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