How to use a Flipbrush® to replace dental floss for dental plaque removal


These images illustrate why our study participants averaged 5 times less plaque in only 30 days compared to what their previous brush did for them.

 Often  time people don't brush straight up and down, but for bestplaque removal they need to be.  For superior dental plaque removal it is important to brush straight up and down, insuring that plaque and food debris between the cracks between your teeth is properly maintained.  It is this natural up and down technique that virtually eliminates the need to floss! 


Induces Proper Brushing Habits

Brushing up and down in this motion is basically flossing your teeth.  Your arm is relaxed and you will see why many Flipbrush® users no longer feel the need to floss!  The best part is with the flip of the button the brush head rotates and locks back into the straight positioin so that you can have two unique and effective brushing routines with one simple brush!


Examine This Image

This clearly shows that with a Flipbrush® you will soon be doing things with your toothbrush that your dental floss only dreams of!  The bristles are soft and we recieve more compliments from them than anything else.  People love them!!